• A huge crackdown on illegal grey traffickers of VOIP setups in 2013 & 2014, whereby 111 successful raids were carried out, averting a loss of 2946 million Rs per month to Govt. Estimate cost of seized equipment in these cases exceed 5,000 million Rupees
    • Handled complaints related to online defamation, harassment, threats and blackmailing via social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter
    • NR3C has successfully registered and investigated crimes related to internet frauds & scams, such as Lottery Fraud, Job Scams, Car Fraud, Click Fraud, Internet Marketing Scams
    • Rendered technical facilitation of audio and video forensic analysis in cyber terrorism cases
    • Responded to financial sectors grievances, relating to ATM skimmers, banking frauds, money exchange embezzlements, credit card frauds and e-banking frauds

      Awareness and training

    • Technical facilitation extended through digital forensic analysis, cyber tracking, digital crime investigation to local law enforcement agencies in cases such as murder, robbery, extortion and many more
    • Technical trainings on cyber crime, digital forensics, information security to law enforcement agencies like IB, ISI, NAB, ANF, Local Police
    • Conducted awareness workshops and seminars at various academic institutes and organizations
    • Trainings imparted on digital forensic comprehension for interpreting forensic reports, evidence extraction methods, laws application to judicial community
    • 12, 458 individuals from all walks of life have been trainedby NR3C to serve the purpose of cyber crime mitigation
    • Research and developments

    • Developed LEAD "Live Evidence Acquisition Dongle" a forensic tool toextract live evidence
    • Developed a tool to help track and identify the location of e-mails originating from unknown source
    • Developed in-house software application for forensic request management
    • Developed in-house software application for complaints management andtracking
    • Contributed a 5 year counter cyber terrorism strategy with NACTA
    • Furnished a report on problems faced by law enforcement agencies to tracedown the sub-standard mobile phones with same IMEI number
    • Research paper published in Journal of American Science, 2010 on "DataMining Methodology in Perspective of Manufacturing Databases".