A huge crackdown on illegal grey traffickers of VOIP setups in 2013 & 2014, whereby 111 successful raids were carried out, averting a loss of 2946 million Rs per month to Govt. Estimate cost of seized equipment in these cases exceed 5,000 million Rupees
Handled complaints related to online defamation, harassment, threats and blackmailing via social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter
NR3C has successfully registered and investigated crimes related to internet frauds & scams, such as Lottery Fraud, Job Scams, Car Fraud, Click Fraud, Internet Marketing Scams
Rendered technical facilitation of audio and video forensic analysis in cyber terrorism cases
Responded to financial sectors grievances, relating to ATM skimmers, banking frauds, money exchange embezzlements, credit card frauds and e-banking frauds
Technical facilitation extended through digital forensic analysis, cyber tracking, digital crime investigation to local law enforcement agencies in cases such as murder, robbery, extortion and many more
Technical trainings on cyber crime, digital forensics, information security to law enforcement agencies like IB, ISI, NAB, ANF, Local Police
Conducted awareness workshops and seminars at various academic institutes and organizations
Trainings imparted on digital forensic comprehension for interpreting forensic reports, evidence extraction methods, laws application to judicial community
12, 458 individuals from all walks of life have been trainedby NR3C to serve the purpose of cyber crime mitigation
Developed LEAD "Live Evidence Acquisition Dongle" a forensic tool toextract live evidence
Developed a tool to help track and identify the location of e-mails originating from unknown source
Developed in-house software application for forensic request management
Developed in-house software application for complaints management andtracking
Contributed a 5 year counter cyber terrorism strategy with NACTA
Furnished a report on problems faced by law enforcement agencies to tracedown the sub-standard mobile phones with same IMEI number
Research paper published in Journal of American Science, 2010 on "DataMining Methodology in Perspective of Manufacturing Databases".